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A short poem........TEACHER

Truthfulness we learn from you.

Encouragement we acquire too.

Advice you give as golden gift.

Character we build on our life.

Holiness you pour in pupil's mind.

Educating the mankind is your motto.

Respect you deserve.

Jagruti Swain




So blessed by you,Mom

A mother who always cares,

A mother who always there,

A mother who always prays,

A mother who always stays,

When things get rough,

When life gets tough.

When all is just too much to bear,

God's word she shares.

God's light she shines.

So blessed I'am

That God made this mother mine

Poornima Kar


झण्डा देश की शान है

भारत देश महान है

झण्डा ऊंचा रहे हमारा

हम सबका अरमान है ।

इसके आगे सिर झुकाओ

अमर साहिदों के गीत गाओ,

जिन्होने इसकी मान की खातिर

किया बहुत बलिदान है।

उत्पल कुमार माझी

कक्ष्या- पाँचवी


Grandparents' day is celebrated to honour grandparents'.It is an occasion to tell our grandparents' how much they are loved and adored and also their importance in our lives.This celebration gives an oppertunity to us to express our love and appriciation for the role they have played in our lives.

Grandparents' day is a time for celebration and reunion of the family as well.

Parties and picnics are organized by the grandchildren to make grandparets' feel special on this occasion . Gifts and presents are given to them to appriciate the love and affection , care , support and wisdom that they provide to the grandchildren.

This day also offers the oppertunity for grandparents to express their love for grandchildren.

Aayusman Sahoo




Somya-PrakashMadhupatana, 24  November. Our school went on an excursion yesterday. The name of the place was  Dhauli Giri, which is situated near Bhubaneswar. We went to Dhauli Giri by bus. We reached Dhauli at 10  AM. Then we ate our Tiffins and saw the Dhauli Giri very sincerely. There were four Buddha Statues in different mudras. Our teachers told some historical stories on Dhauli. We also played for sometime there. Around  1 PM we left Dhauli. We enjoyed the trip

Somya Prakash
Class III
Roll No. 13



Satya-Prakash-ParidaMahatma Gandhi lived from 1869 to1948. He was a true Mahatma. He respected all religions. He loved peace and truth. He fought the English without arms. He forced them to leave his country. The people loved him very much. They called him Bapu. He did not like to wear expensive clothes. He was a source of strength for millions of people. Many times he had to go to jail for opposing the policies and actions of the British. He is rightly called the Father of Nation.

Satya Prakash Parida
Class III

Sanket-Kumar-PradhanCome , come, come with me,
Summer will come with very hot,
and go away.
Rain will come with heavy shower
and go away.
Winter will come with cold and snow
and go away.
Everyone does his job
And goes away.
Let’s also do our duty
Before we go away.

Sanket Kumar Pradhan
Class- IV
Roll No. 34



RudrarPit-PatraButterfly ! Butterfly
Why do you sit on the flower?
O! O! O! why do you sit on the flower?

I am sitting on the flower to collect the nectar.
La La La  I am sitting on the flower to collect the nectar.

Why do you collect the nectar?
Ya  Why do you collect the nectar?

I collect the nectar to drink
NaNaNa  I collect the nectar to drink.

Why do you drink the nectar ?
PePePe  Why do you drink the nectar ?

Nectar is Sweeter and better.
NeNeNe Nectar is Sweeter and better.

Why are you so beautiful ?
a! a! a! Why are you so beautiful ?

I am so beautiful because I am honest and sober.
GaGaGa I am so beautiful because I am honest and sober

RudrarPit Patra
Class IV  Roll No. 29



Anwesha-PatiIf my school is a garden,
My teacher is a gardener
I am its flower.

If my school is a human body,
My teacher is its soul
I am its mind.

If my school is a computer,
My teacher is the C.P.U.
I am its monitor.

If my school is a solar system,
My teacher is the sun.
I am its planet.

If my school is Olympic
My teacher is a coach.
I am its athletic.

If my school is a factory,
My teacher is a worker.
I am its finished-product.

The colourful flowers make
a  garland beautiful;
The brilliant students are
Pride of the school.

Anwesha Pati.
Class – IV.



Shakti-Sikha-PalWhat  wonder, what wonder
What wonder I see.
In the morning when I wake up
I hear the sound of buzzing bees.
The birds chirp- chirp
And my alarm clock trimp- trimp.

What  wonder, what wonder
What wonder I see.
In the  dark at night
What wonder I see.
One moon but many stars
They are small and twinkling
They are glowing and bright
as a crystal.

Is it my dream or
a real day.
I don’t know what is it
but a wonderful day.

Shakti Sikha Pal
Class- V

Abheepsa-MishraWork is worship,
Work is fun,
Work kills time
and makes life run.

Without work
What can be done?
Do not waste
Your time in fun.

Do your duty
That is best,
Leave unto God
The rest
Thank Him for the work given
Be blessed and happy remain.

Name- Abheepsa Mishra
Class- V



Amreeta-PatnaikCuttack, 24 November.  On 24-11-2010 all the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya went to Dhauligiri on an educational excursion.
All the students reached the school at 7’O clock. Then we stared our small assembly. All the class teachers took our attendance. There were four buses. We all the children went to our buses. While travelling all the children started singing and eating. All of us had anxiety to reach Dhauli. After some time we reached Dhauli. There we assembled at a place. We ate our Tiffin there. We stayed there for some time and then went to see the Buddha Monastry. There we also saw a dangerous snake. There were 3 different types of Monastry. One is in sitting posture, one in sleeping posture and one in standing posture. After visiting the monastry, we went to the place where we had assembled. There we were given our snacks. On the way we saw the Raja Rani Temple, State Museum and the river Daya. We reached the  school at 1:40 PM. We are grateful to our Principal Sir and other teachers to send us on such Educational Excursion.

Amreeta Patnaik
Class V